The Fight Over Same Sex Marriage Has Been Decided.

It is time for the theocrats and homophobic bigots to accept that they have lost the fight against same-sex marriage. Marriage, as it exists now in the U.S. is a matter of the state and as such, you can not deny it to people based on your religious beliefs, which is pretty much your entire argument.

Sure, you sometimes attempt to make an argument from nature, badly, by claiming that it homosexuality isn’t “natural”, but that claim is reliant on ignorance of nature to begin with. Homosexuality is observed in damn near every species that has genders at this point. That means that homosexuality is entirely natural. It is not the majority orientation, but it is found in nature. This means that your one half assed attempt to make a case without invoking your religious beliefs simply crumbles under the weight of evidence.

Even your attempts to appeal to your religion is usually full of holes and ignores the majority of your holy text if you are going to try to cite examples of “traditional, religious, marriage”. It makes me wonder if you have ever bothered to read your holy texts (in this case, the Bible since it is usually the Christian conservatives who are up in arms over this). Almost all of the Patriarchs of your faith wouldn’t fit into your definition of “traditional” marriage. Not only is there some strong suggestions in the passages that more than a few of them were likely engaged in homosexual affairs (there are some strange passages about very close and intimate relationships between male characters, including King David, Isaac and Ishmael, and a few others that I can’t recall off the top of my head), but these same characters often had multiple wives, concubines, and slaves who they would do with as they pleased. Also, biblical marriage laws instructed that rape victims marry their rapists (the virgins anyway) as long as the rapist paid the father of the victim in silver and would never leave her (ahhh, how romantic…and truly the command of an all loving god, amiright?). Oh, and if a husband were to die, it was his brothers duty, according to the bible and “traditional” biblical laws, to marry and impregnate his brother’s widow.

Basically, the majority of the bible, and almost all of the major characters and patriarchs (as well as some of the women) were either engaged in homosexual (or at least suggestively likely) relationships, or had marriages that were anything other than the “one man and one woman” mantra parroted by today’s Christians here in the U.S.

Of course, the real problem for the religious arguments against same-sex marriage (and anything else for that matter) is that we don’t live in a theocracy. This means that you don’t get to use your religion to make laws that deny rights to other people. The basis for our laws is the Constitution, not the bible and no matter how much you cry about it or claim we are founded on Christianity, it doesn’t make it true. Sorry, not sorry.

Many are starting to realize this, and the fact that even extremely religious states like Alabama have seen their same-sex marriage bans overturned by the courts, has some trying to figure out a new approach to try to impose their own cherry picked version of Christianity on all of society. One way they are attempting is to get marriage declared the domain of religion, and more specifically, the domain of Christianity alone.

This just creates more problems though. Again, it would violate the separation of church and state, and this time it would impact not only homosexuals, but anyone who is, or wants to be, married but is not a Christian. That isn’t likely to hold up to a challenge even if a state can force it through their legislature. It isn’t stopping a few from at least proposing it (I’m looking at you Oklahoma) though. Of course, the wording in their proposal may or may not allow those of other faiths to still be married, but it still expands the groups that could be denied marriage rights from just the LGBT community, to the non-religious as well. Which is sort of funny to me, because for years I had challenged the anti-equality folks about the failure to protest atheist weddings as well.

In their proposals, they want to make it so that only those who are ordained can legally sign a marriage license. This should tell you how narrow-minded they truly are. Though they seem to want to limit it to those who are ordained in Christian denominations, in order to avoid a much bigger backlash, they often include phrasing similar to “or ordained in any denomination, faith, or recognized body”…They seem to be unaware that not only are there entire branches of their own faith who already support same-sex marriage, and therefore would gladly sign these marriage licenses, but there are also numerous independently, and legally, ordained individuals of a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and even non-belief that are legally ordained through recognized bodies or “churches”.

So, even taking marriage away from being a matter of state, the fight is already over. There is nothing you can do that has a snowball’s chance in that hell you believe in (and if were real, you’d most likely be going to) of standing up to a legal challenge. Even if you could manage to get marriage left solely to the “religious” or those who are legally ordained, there are people practically lining up to perform these marriages these days. Your hatred has encouraged untold numbers of people to get legally ordained just so they can help those who have found love, no matter their sexual orientation and/or identity. Unless you are going to try to use the state to dismiss the religious rights of others to keep fighting a battle you have already lost (and best of luck with that, it would only expose you as the bigots and theocrats most of us know you to be, and make you even bigger hypocrites when you scream about persecution and religious freedom), then there are no more moves for you to make.

You have lost. Check and mate (with whomever it is that you love, no matter their gender).



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